Sponsor Opportunities

We’re able to help businesses (small and large, local and national) grow their business because of great companies that sponsor our programs and website.  Please join us in supporting diverse businesses.  

You can start small and local or go big and national. Either way, we’d love to have you be a part of this special effort. Money is great but other forms of support are also appreciated.  Interested?  Have an idea?  Let’s chat!

Connected Info Website & Business Email Sponsorship

  • Appear as a sponsor for key areas of the Connected Info website.
  • Engage with businesses with native content in weekly emails providing info, tips, and resources.

Community Windows Program Sponsorship

  • Sponsor one or more local windows – work with a local business to help design their window or simply sponsor it.  We can connect you with local businesses so you can find a good fit.
  • Sponsor a Community Windows Program – be a sponsor of one or more programs (Localween™, Thanks A Window™, Holiday Windows, New Year New ?) in one county or nationally.  Appear on flyers, social media, and other marketing materials.

Together we can create impact for local businesses, stimulate our communities’ economies, and make business more personal.