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South Africa

Currency: South African rand (ZAR, R). US dollars widely accepted.  Keep small bills handy.
Local custom: Tipping is not expected except in large cities and safari areas but are appreciated, locals and many tourists do not tip.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Skycap/Porter: R10 one bag, R20 multiple bags.
Barber: Optional, many men tip R10-60.
Bartender: 10-15% of bill, round up bill for a simple drink pour.
Car Guard/Watcher: R2-5.
Game Lodge/Safari Camp: Tips expected at the end of your stay. Guide (given separately) is R10-100 per day per traveler. Rest of staff (given together), up to 10% of the bill. A little extra directly to anyone who helped with special requests.
Gas/Petrol Station Attendant: R2-5, more for extra services.
Hair Salon (general): Very few tip but R10-80 is the range.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: R30-50 per day, left each morning on the pillow.
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: R10 per bag, minimum R15.
Hotel Room Service: If no service charge, 10%. Otherwise, round up the bill.
Restaurant (general): A 10% service charge may already be included, if not, 10% for good service, 15% for great service.
Restaurant – Bartender: 10-15% of bill, round up bill for a simple drink pour.
Taxi: Round fare up for metered cabs, add R5-20 for out of town trips. Minivans have negotiated fares, no tip needed.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Group tours, R10-15 per day per traveler (driver and guide will split). Private tours, R40 (half day) or R80 (full day) per day per traveler.
Valet or Parking Attendant: R2-5 each time the car is moved.
Wine Tasting Guide: R5-10 per person.

Anyone missing? Please send us your suggestion.

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