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Currency: Polish zloty (PLN, zt), 1 zloty = 100 Grosze (gr). Credit cards widely accepted but use cash for tips.
Local custom: Tipping was not a custom and locals do not tip. When paying cash, saying thank you means keep the change (say it later if you want the change).

Curated tipping suggestions:
Bartender: 10-15%.
Café: Round up.
Hair Salon (general): 10% of price.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: Optional. For good service, zt10 per night left on a pillow daily (staff changes).
Massage Therapist: 10% of price.
Restaurant (general): Good service 10%, amazing service 15%.
Spa: 10% of price.
Taxi: Not expected.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Not expected especially on negotiated prices, for great service 5-10%.

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