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Currency: Pakistani rupee (PKR, Rs), 1 rupee = 100 paisa. Rupees preferred, US dollars sometimes accepted.
Local custom: Tipping is common for services. Most hotels and restaurants add a 10% service charge. Always try to give tips in case and directly to the staff (or it may not reach them). Wages are low for service staff.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Hair Salon (general): Rs50 typical, Rs100 if exceptional.
Hotel (general): Many hotels add a 10% service charge.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: Rs30 per night left on a pillow daily (staff changes).
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: Rs30-40 per trip.
Massage Therapist: Rs40-50.
Restaurant (general): Many restaurants add a 10% service charge, for good service round up. If no service charge, 10%.
Spa: Rs40-50 per service.
Taxi: Not expected especially not on negotiated fares.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Guide (all day group tour) = Rs40-50 per person, Guide (all day private) = Rs200-300 total. Private Car Guide/Driver (all day) = Rs200. Bus Driver (all day) = Rs50-100 total. Standard is about 10% of price for any tour if good service.

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