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Currency: Moroccan dirham (MAD, Dh), 1 dirham = 100 santim. Keep small amounts/bills handy.
Local custom: Tipping by travelers is common (and expected), locals do not generally tip. Many tourist places add a 10-15% service charge, no need to tip more. To take a photo of a person, home, or shop – ask first! If they agree, give them Dh5-10. It may be tempting to give change to the many street children but don’t – it is dangerous as you will be surrounded (and may be pickpocketed) and sets a bad habit.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Café: Round up or leave the change.
Car Guard/Watcher: Dh5.
Hair Salon (general): Up to 10%.
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: Dh10-20.
Restaurant (general): If no service charge in price/bill (ask), 10% or leave change.
Spa: About 10%, Dh20-25 per treatment but several people may work on you. Ask if there is a central tip box at reception.
Taxi: If metered, round up. If negotiated or broken meter claimed (confirm fare before getting in), tip is included.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Official Guide = none or up to 10% of price. If approached at a medina to be guided (not recommended), Dh5-10.

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