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Currency: Kenyan Shilling (Ksh, KES). In Mombasa, Nairobi and tourist areas, US dollars (sometimes Euros) are widely accepted with many hotels, camps, and restaurants accepting credit cards. Tips should be left in Ksh (local money) as service staff are paid very low wages and charged fees to convert other currencies. If using US dollars, use newer bills no older than 2009. When converting cash, try to get small bills as it is very hard to get change for large bills.
Local custom: Prices frequently include service charges (tips) as well as taxes, so check first.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Skycap/Porter: Ksh50-100 per bag.
Barber: 10% of service price.
Bartender: 10% or Ksh100 for a round.
Game Lodge/Safari Camp: Ksh200-500 per guest per day, a bit more for good service or a large staff.
Hair Salon (general): 10% of the service price.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: Ksh50 Ksh per day left on a pillow daily (staff changes).
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: Ksh50-100 per bag.
Nail Salon: 10% of the service price.
Restaurant (general): 10%, more for good service (handed to the server, if left behind on the table it may go to someone else).
Restaurant – Bartender: 10% or Ksh100 for a round.
Spa: Ksh150-200 per treatment received.
Taxi: Since fares are negotiated ahead, no tip but rounding up or adding Ksh50-100 is appreciated.
Tour – Guide or Driver: For a regular tour, Ksh 200-300 per day per person for the guide and 100-200 Ksh per day per person for the driver. For a safari guide 300-500 per person per day and a little less for the driver.

Anyone missing? Please send us your suggestion.

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