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Currency: Euro (€, EUR). Tips are expected in cash and usually there’s no option to add it to a credit card. [There used to be a law requiring a receipt to prove that you paid or police could stop and fine you but it has been repealed.]
Local custom: Since service charges are normally included, additional tipping is not necessary most times but it is appreciated. Locals typically round up (to avoid loose change or waiting), or for exceptional service add 10%.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Car Rental/Terminal Shuttle: None, €0.50-1 if they helped with luggage.
Airport Skycap/Porter: €1 per bag.
Bartender: Round up.
Bathroom Attendant: €0.50-1 if clean, none if dirty.
Café: Round up or add €1.
Coffee/Tea Shop: None or round up.
Hair Salon (general): Round up to next €5/10.
Hotel Concierge: 5% of the service arranged or €2-5 for making reservations.
Hotel Doorperson: €1-2 for hailing a taxi if none waiting or helping with luggage.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: €1 per day left on a pillow daily (staff changes), more if extra services were needed.
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: €1-2 per bag, max €5.
Restaurant (general): A 10% service charge (servizio, servizio incluso) is normally included in the bill/price and is kept by management, add €1-2 per person. If servizio non incluso is on the menu/bill, add 10%. Coperto/pane e coperto means a non-negotiable cover charge is added in addition to the service charge (not allowed in Lazio/Rome). At a casual location or cafe, tip at least €1.
Spa: 5-10%.
Taxi: Round up to next euro or add a euro. If they had to wait and did not charge for it, add more.
Tour – Guide or Driver: €5 to the guide and driver for a full day.
Water Taxi: Not necessary, but depending on the length of your trip you might give €2-5.

Anyone missing? Please send us your suggestion.

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