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Currency: Israeli shekel (symbol: ₪, code: ILS). Some people will accept US dollars or Euros but ask first.
Local custom: Tipping is expected at bars and restaurants but may be included in price/bill (ask). Security charges may be added and are optional, locals do not normally pay them (ask if optional).

Curated tipping suggestions:
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: 6 shekels per day left on a pillow dialy (staf changes).
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: 6-10 shekels for taking luggage to your room.
Restaurant (general): Usually included in price/bill (ask).
Taxi: 10%, 15% for good service or helping with luggage.
Tour – Guide/Driver: For good service on group tours, guide 10% and driver 5% of tour price.

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