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Currency: Euro (€). Government VAT (tax) is charged on goods and services. A service charge may be added/included for the staff. To add tips to credit cards, tell the staff before giving your card, it can’t be added afterwards. Cash is preferred for payment and tips but credit cards are widely accepted.
Local custom: Tipping (bedienung) 10-15% is normal for services unless a service charge has been included in the price or on the bill. Locals sometimes do not tip or simply round up.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Skycap/Porter: €1-2 per bag.
Hotel Concierge: €5-10 depending on the difficulty or time required for the request.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: €1-2 left on a pillow daily (staff changes). More if a very fancy hotel or extra services were needed.
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: €1 per bag.
Restaurant (general): Service and VAT included in price. For good service, round up at a cafe, add 5-10% at a full-service restaurant. Hand tip to staff, do not leave on table.
Spa: Not expected, for good service 5%.
Taxi: Round up or 5%.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Guide = 5-10% of price, €5 for free tours.

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