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Currency: Euro (€).
Local custom: French law requires VAT (sales tax) be charged on goods and services, VAT and service compris (service charge) must be charged at dining locations and prices shown include both charges whether or not they are itemized. For great service, adding a little extra is always appreciated.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Car Rental/Terminal Shuttle: none.
Airport Skycap/Porter: €1 per bag.
Barber: 10%.
Bartender: None expected since the service charge is included, leave the change if inclined.
Bed & Breakfast: Usually run by the owners, no tip expected.
Coat Check: €1 per coat.
Coffee/Tea Shop: no tipping.
Hair Salon (general): 10% of service price not products.
Hotel Concierge: None for a simple request, €5-20 for time-involving or difficult requests (hot restaurant, sold out show).
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: €1 per day left on a pillow daily (staff changes).  More if a very fancy hotel or extra services were needed.
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: €1 per bag.
Museum Guide: €1-2 per person.
Nail Salon: 10% of service price not products.
Restaurant (general): No tip usually, a service charge is included in price.  For great service, 5% additional would be appropriate.
Restaurant – Bartender: No tip since the service charge is included, leave 5% if inclined.
Restaurant – Bathroom Attendant: €0.50.
Taxi: Not necessary, round up or add €1 for good service.  For extraordinary service or extended waiting time, 5% would be appropriate.
Tour – Guide or Driver: 5% of the price.
Usher – Live Theater, Opera: €1-2 for showing you to your seat.
Usher – Movie: €0.50 for showing you to your seat.

Anyone missing? Please send us your suggestion.

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