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Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP, E£/£E, EL/LE). Some people/businesses welcome US dollars and euros but ask first (no coins). Carry small bills.
Local custom: Tipping by tourists is expected almost everywhere, locals tip for some services. Wages are low, gratitude may not be shown (if they show disappointment, take the tip back or just carry on – tips are voluntary). The word baksheesh is frequently applied to tipping but it also means a bribe so be careful in using the word. Be discreet when giving tips, try to hand to the person and don’t leave it on a table (it might disappear).

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Car Service/Transport: LE10-25.
Airport Skycap/Porter: LE3-5 per bag.
Bathroom Attendant: LE0.50-1 if clean, nothing if dirty.
Cruises & Boats: Felucca = LE10 per hour for private trip if not included in price (ask). Day trips = LE10-20. Boat cruises = LE10-20 per night given at the end of the trip in an envelope or box at reception to be split by all staff. Hand a little extra to anyone especially helpful (away from others or it will have to be shared).
Hair Salon (general): 10-15%. If one person washes your hair give them 5% and the stylist 10%.
Hotel (general): Good service 10%, poor service none or 5%. If a service charge is on bill, it is kept by management not given to staff.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: LE5-10 per night left on a pillow daily (staff changes).
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: LE3-5 per bag.
Restaurant (general): If a service charge is included, an extra 5%. If not included, 10%. For exceptional service 15%. LE5-10 if breakfast is included in rate. If meals are included in tour, tips are covered but an extra LE5-10 per person is appreciated.
Taxi: usually included in fare, round up for extra service or luggage handling.
Tour – Guide or Driver: Guide = 10% of tour price. Driver = 5% of tour price. For group or longer tours, LE30-35 per person per day. Licensed guides using government set rates (Cairo especially) = 10%.

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