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Currency: Australian Dollar ($, A$, AUD), some tourist businesses accept US dollars but it is not preferred. Businesses must charge a GST (government goods and services tax) and usually include it in the price.
Custom: Service staff are paid good wages and don’t expect tips. Tipping wasn’t typical but is now more common in tourist areas and high end restaurants. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), an additional service fee may be charged to offset higher weekend wages.

Curated tipping suggestions:
Airport Car Service/Transportation: Round up the base charge, perhaps add $1-2 for bags or excellent service, not more than 10% even on longer rides.
Airport Skycap/Porter: A$1-2 per bag.
Coat Check: A$1-2 per item.
Coffeeshop Barista: None, you might leave some change.
Hotel (general): Tipping is not usually expected.
Hotel Concierge: A$5-10 for arranging tough reservations or complicated requests.
Hotel Housekeeping/Room Attendant: At a resort or upscale location, A$2-5 per day left on a pillow daily (staff changes).
Hotel Porter/Bellhop: A$2 per bag, A$5 minimum for showing you to your room.
Hotel Room Service: Not expected, especially if a service charge was added, but A$1-5 is appreciated.
Museum Guide: None.
Restaurant (general): At a casual location, leaving the change is acceptable. At fancier locations, 10% is customary and 15-20% in high-end restaurants.
Taxi: Round up the base charge and perhaps add A$1-2 for bags or excellent service, not more than 10% even on longer rides.
Tour Guide or Driver: None expected but A$2-5/per day is appreciated.

Anyone missing? Please send us your suggestion.

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