City/Group Program Info

States, Cities, EDCs, Chambers, Groups, Associations – let’s show people what businesses in your area have. Let’s stimulate local spending!

Our searchable website helps:

  • Consumers – find information on your local businesses, money-saving opportunities, fun activities
  • Businesses – connect with the community, locate resources, increase their visibility, grow their businesses
  • Media – easily compile up-to-date info on events, source stories on businesses

Every month our programs promote local businesses’:

  • Birthday perks
  • Discounts (First Responders, Healthcare, Educators, Military, etc)
  • Holiday-specific discounts (Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day, etc)
  • Holiday meals to go
  • Holiday events and reservations
  • Community Windows Programs  – Localween, Thanks A Window, Holiday Windows, New Year New ? (fill in the blank)

Interested?  Have an idea?  Let’s chat!

Together we can create impact for local businesses, stimulate our communities’ economies, and make business more personal.