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Our services EMPOWER businesses to be

Consumer and Media Searchable Website

Consumers and Media can search for businesses with interest-based filters (dining, shopping, activities, travel, etc), ownership type (Woman, Black, LGBTQ, Mil/Vet, etc), discounts (senior, mil/vet, educator, first responder, etc).  They can find rewards programs, gift card promotions, events, and holiday offerings.

They can find TipSure™ curated tipping suggestions that provide guidance in confusing situations and today’s “new normal”.


Community Windows Programs

We create fun, seasonal programs that generate physical traffic and media exposure for local businesses.  

Decorate your windows and we encourage people to come by and connect with your business and explore new neighborhoods.

Localween™ (October)
Thanks A Window™ (November)
Holiday Windows (December)
New Year New ? (January)



We send info to 400+ Media on events, specials, discounts, etc.